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Chasing Stars Day Cruise 10:00-15:00

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our “Chasing Stars” day cruise, setting sail from Vlychada Port. As the morning sun warms the Aegean, we’ll guide you along the southern coast of Santorini, beginning with the stunning vistas of the Red Beach where we’ll make our first swimming stop and marvel at the unique crimson.

Next, we sail towards the pristine White Beach, celebrated for its chalk-white cliffs contrasted against the blue sea. Our adventure continues via Mesa Pigadi and the majestic Black Mountain lava formations before passing the western tip of Santorini where the iconic Lighthouse stands as a sentinel over the Aegean.

Our journey then takes us to the heart of Santorini’s volcanic heritage at the Volcano Hot Springs where we will immerse ourselves in the warm, mineral-rich waters for a healing swim.

Next up is the unspoiled beauty of Thirasia Island, another idyllic spot for a refreshing dip. Finally, our cruise culminates at the northern jewel of Santorini, Oia, known for its picturesque blue domed churches which are a marvel to behold from the sea below.

Throughout the day, enjoy snorkeling in the Aegean’s clear waters, and savor a selection of seafood, BBQ delights, and an open bar of wine, beer and soft drinks on board.

Sunset Cruise 15:00 - after sunset

The “Chasing Star” afternoon/sunset cruise offers a mirror journey from the enchanting Oia in the north, back to Vlychada Port, allowing you to chase the setting sun across Santorini’s horizon.

The first leg of our reverse journey takes us to the quaint island of Thirasia where we will dive into its inviting waters for a swim. We then glide towards the mystical Volcano Hot Springs, where you can enjoy a unique swimming experience in its therapeutic waters.

As the day progresses, we pass by the awe-inspiring Lighthouse, navigating towards the enigmatic Black Mountain and then to the secluded beauty of Mesa Pigadi. Our adventure continues as we reach the White Beach, a vision of tranquility with its sheer white cliffs, and then to the captivating Red Beach, known for its striking red volcanic rocks, where we will have our final swim of the day.

As twilight approaches, our cruise sails along the picturesque southern coastline of Santorini, culminating in a spectacular sunset viewing as we make our way back to port. With a glass of Prosecco in hand, witness the sky painting itself in hues of orange and pink, a perfect finale to an exquisite journey.

On board, all guests are treated to an array of seafood, BBQ offerings and an open bar featuring wine, beer, and soft drinks.